While Evan Willams(Founder of Twitter.com) was Focus on Simplicity, saying Trashing Features to Create Value, and asking "What can you create by taking things away", Seesmic, a start-up by adding video conversation feature to twitter(like a video twitter), has just raised 6 million dollars from an impressive list of investors.

Seesmic got more dollars ($6M) than twitter ($5.4M) when it's only in pre-Alpha early stage.

Seesmic added new feature just like:
  1. Share video online - post YouTube URL, or recording/uploading
  2. Video conversation - Video reply to others' video
  3. Sync with users' social networks - Can be synced to Twitter.com, etc

Can we image chatting to friends in pre-recorded video messages? And we will got a video conversation including the every video reply.

I was always believing that multimedia message will be more and more important in our daily life, besides text message, we also share video/music with our friends. Thanks for the internet technology, it's easy and fast today. That's the reason why I built YouKu.com for Chinese video sharing users in 2006.

For more information, you can follow those links:

JiWai.com had already supported Video Conversation

At Dec 2007, Our JiWai.com had already supported sharing video (YouTube/Youku/Tudou) on JiWai.com like Seesmic, and with our "Reply" feature, The videos can be easily became a Video Conversation.

Besides the Video Conversation, We also support Music Conversion & Photo Conversion.

Instead of save those multimedia ourselves, we provide this service by using Web API to mashup with video sharing sites like Youtube/Youku/Tudou, as well as music sharing sites like 8Box/YoBo, and photo sharing sites like Flickr/Yupoo etc.

Also, JiWai.com have supported Sync with users' social networks such as Twiter.com/Facebook.com/Sohu Blog/Netvibes etc. We are still planing to support more to make JiWai.com more powerful.

We are working hard on developing JiWai.com better, so stay tuned.

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